Backyard Fun – Nature Scavenger Hunt

Looking for something to do before the summer ends? Maybe planning ahead for fall activities? Why not try a little nature scavenger hunt! It is easy to do! It keeps the kids busy! It gives them exercise time! It is a lot of fun! All ages can participate! It is educational (shh – don’t tell them that! Ideas for a Nature Scavenger Hunt I created a nature scavenger hunt for … Read More

5 Steps to Teaching Kids Royal Manners

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was chosen to represent her class and give flowers to the King of Sweden. To prepare for the royal visit, she brought a lovely dress, got a haircut, practiced shaking hands, giving a courtesy, walking with good posture, and speaking politely. The day finally arrived and she mastered the task with a little jitters but also grace and confidence. That girl … Read More

The Gift of a Family Road Trip!

To celebrate summer, we have invited each of our staff members to share something they love about summer. The idea is to celebrate something about summer’s past. It can be an event, a vacation memory, a favorite food … you get the idea. It is probably no surprise to you that family memories are a common theme in these posts! Victoria and Meg shared summer memories from their childhood. This … Read More

8 Mosquito Bite Myth and Facts

What’s more dreadful than the blistering heat in the summertime? How about feeling like a real-life mosquito magnet every time you go outside? Some people are lucky to never have  this problem, but if you’re like me, going outside makes you feel like you’re a walking buffet for these insects. Here are 8 very interesting myths and facts about those dastardly creatures that torment you every summer evening. That Mosquito … Read More

Meet Rana DiOrio from Little Pickle Press!

little pickle press award winning books

About Rana DiOrio and Little Pickle Press Rana DiOrio is the founder and CEO of Little Pickle Press. She calls herself the Chief Executive Pickle. Little Pickle Press is an award-winning creator of content for children and youth that is dedicated to helping parents and educators foster kindness in the next generation, and to doing so in a manner congruent with that mission. Rana has written her way through life—as … Read More