Enter our Back-to-School Giveaway!

B2S_1_2015 Usually back to school season means buying LOTS of items, but we wanted to give you a break and give YOU and your family some cool things to get ready as well!

We’re so thrilled to be partnering with our Honorees to give you a few AWESOME prize packs these next few weeks. Our first one is tailored for the littlest ones!

Included are the following:

1. ABC Trace and Say Alphabet Book

2. Mon Premier Bebe Collin Maria doll

3. Tiggly Math tablet (@TigglyKids)

4. A personalized book gift card from I See Me (@ISeeMe_Maia)

5. Sight Words DVD (@RockAndLearn)

Here’s how to enter:

a. Go on Twitter and follow the Mom’s Choice Awards account @MomsChoiceAward

b. Retweet the giveaway tweets we release periodically throughout the week and add the hashtag #MCAB2S

c. Follow our Honorees’ Twitter accounts listed above.

Two winners will be announced MONDAY, AUGUST 24TH.