Backyard Fun – Nature Scavenger Hunt

nature scavenger huntLooking for something to do before the summer ends? Maybe planning ahead for fall activities? Why not try a little nature scavenger hunt!

  • It is easy to do!
  • It keeps the kids busy!
  • It gives them exercise time!
  • It is a lot of fun!
  • All ages can participate!
  • It is educational (shh – don’t tell them that!

Ideas for a Nature Scavenger Hunt

I created a nature scavenger hunt for my kids with a list of things they could find in our own backyard. Other options are to plan a walk around the neighborhood or hike at a local park or (if you’re lucky) some nearby mountains.

This image is just a way to get you started. Feel free to print our graphic (PDF) or make your own. With a nature scavenger hunt, it is easy to make it easy or tougher for your hunters! We have styled this graphic so that it can be used like a “bingo” card and has visuals for young, pre-readers.

Not only is a nature scavenger hunt fun, it is a wonderful way to get your kids to spend a little more time observing the world around them.

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