School Year Home Stretch: How to keep your kids focused for six more weeks

It’s that time of year when school-aged kids start getting a little antsy. The weather is starting to warm up, there is more sunlight each day and schoolwork is just not sounding as appealing. Plus it’s countdown time with only about 5-6 more weeks of school left at most schools across the country.

So what are some ways you can keep your kids centered and focused for just a few more weeks? Here are five tips that we think will do the trick.

  1. Allow free time and set study hours. Each day allow your child to have some free time to unwind either after school or after homework time to get outside and move around or relax inside. Set aside this routine time every day to be sure homework and playtime can both fit in.
  2. Organize “If you get your work done” fun activities in your city. Make a list of 1-3 activities you could do together as a family if the schoolwork gets done. Perhaps set a goal each week and if the goal is met, then that weekend you can do the select activity. It could be a favorite dinner spot, a trip to a really cool park or going to an outdoor baseball game. Sometimes I take my kids for frozen yogurt on a Friday night if they had a “good” week – the perfect treat as it heats up outside.
  3. Create a wall calendar. Make a large wall calendar with your child that plots out the rest of the school year. Include any and all events and deadlines such as exams, field trips, and project due dates, etc. This will help them stay focused as they can look at the calendar each day to see what is next on their “end-of-school-year” list.
  4. List out the “Good for you” stuff. Sit down with your child and make a list of everything they have accomplished this year in school. New things they learned, projects completed, new places they went (museums, new cities, etc.). Then leave a space for about 3-5 more accomplishments that they can fill in the rest of the school year.
  5. Plan the summer off. While you want to keep them focused on school, it’s also a good time to get excited about summertime. Plan any family summer trips or events you are going to participate in. Or if you haven’t already talked about camps and other activities they might be interested in, now is the time (remember, camps are filling up fast!). This will give them something exciting to work towards (and look forward to!) as the school year comes to a close.

Question to the Mom’s Choice Awards’ friends: How do you keep your kids focused when spring fever hits?