Reading with Kids – Sound On!

Terry Doherty is back with another edition of her series of articles about reading with kids. These are articles she writes for Family Bookshelf, a blog dedicated to offering practical, everyday tips for building literacy into our days. Terry brings

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Shadow Games – a Great Way to Teach Kids About Light

The seasons are changing. The days are shorter. We’re spending more time indoors, but that doesn’t mean that everything is doom and gloom. Turn the dark into light with this fun activity that is both creative and educational. When you

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Picture Book Reviews: What Does it Mean …

Rana DiOrio’s chihldren’s picture book series What Does It Mean … helps little readers understand big concepts. Each of the books in the series have won a Mom’s Choice Award, and many have won multiple awards, including the Nautilus Award

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5 Tips for a Great Parent-Teacher Conference

parents and teachers meet

‘Tis the season for a parent-teacher conference. It is hard to believe that our young students are already (about) halfway through their first marking period, but they are. In this article for our All @ Aspergers and Autism series, Audrey

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Cloud Insecurity?

You’ve all heard about the nude celebrity photos stolen from iCloud.  But have you been paying attention to the story about the 5 million stolen Gmail passwords? The cloud can be wonderful … but it isn’t foolproof. These are just

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