An Autumn Bucket List

I’m going to put [insert topic] on my bucket  list … That’s one for the bucket list … I can scratch [insert topic] off my bucket list … Ye Olde Bucket List! We hear it everywhere, and everyone seems to

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Book Reviews for the Season of Gratitude


Gratitude An important concept, but not always an easy one to explain … at least not to our young children. ‘ Gratitude embodies “thanks,” but being grateful is much bigger than saying “thank you.” Thanksgiving is about gratitude – being

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Thanksgiving – Get the Kids Involved

With the kids home from school and “between seasons” for sports activities, they’re going to have some time on their hands.  Why not let them help you get ready for Thanksgiving? You may not be ready to hand over an

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Being Thankful for These Kids Of Mine

Let’s face it:  parenting is hard. It is a never ending battle of wills, endless tasks, carpools, doctor appointments, and sleepless nights. Then rinse and repeat. We get stuck in that daily grind and forget about being thankful. We obviously

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Screens and Kids


This guest (re)post is from The Conversation – a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news analysis and commentary that is, thanks to Creative Commons License, free to read and republish. You can find the full article here: By

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