Ready to Cook Up a Home-Made Manners App?

This is your mom, John. Remember to say “please.” John, look him in the eyes. I don’t think he likes what you are saying. Please rephrase. John, shake your coach’s hand and say, “Thank you.” John, please keep your mouth

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Peanut Butter Pie – A Kids and Family Favorite

Welcome back to the Cooking with Mom’s Choice kitchen. Award-winning author Meg Gray is here with Banana Butter Pie recipe that is a family favorite and a great one for kids to help with in the kitchen. Peanut Butter Pie has been a

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More Musical Fun for Kids & Families


Several weeks ago, I shared a post with ideas on ways to start an at-home music education program. Three simple ideas that are easy and accessible to all families. They also showed us how easy it is to create musical

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St. Patrick’s Day Printable – Lucky Kids

St. Patrick’s Day and luck go hand in hand. In fact, many St. Patrick’s Day traditions incorporate luck into the celebration. Here are three of our favorite “lucky” finds from Irish folklore. Green is synonymous with Ireland (the “Emerald Isle”).

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Happy Pi Day! (Updated)

Happy Pi Day! And not just any Pi Day! Today is 3.1415 … which happens to coincide exactly to the first five digits of Pi.There won’t be a Pi Day like this for another 100 years! To add a little

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