Aging Parents & Going Home for the Holidays

Most of us look forward to going home for the holidays. For some of us, it is a chance to catch up with family, for others it is the warmth that comes with visiting our childhood home. Isn’t is grand

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Music to their Ears: Get Kids involved with Music

It’s no secret that I love music! Music ticks plenty of boxes. – It can gives you energy or calm you down; – It engages our emotion; – It offers educational benefits; and – There are social and intellectual benefits. So

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How to Accept Gifts – A Guide for Parents

‘Tis the season for giving, being grateful and holiday gatherings. Are your kids ready? Does your child know how to accept gifts gracefully Does your child know how to write a kind thank-you note? Or do you sometimes arrive at

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Holiday Recipes: Reindeer Crunch Treats & Candy Cane Cocoa

Welcome to Cooking with Mom’s Choice, a new column featuring Mom’s Choice Awards Honorees. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing suggestions on ways to eat healthier; holiday recipes to celebrate throughout the year; tips on getting the kids involved

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Spice Up Your Holiday Traditions

Traditions are a very important part of our holidays. I’m sure they were a big part of your Thanksgiving celebrations this past week. Now that you’re looking ahead to preparing for the next set of traditions, why not take a

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